An Introduction


I have always been a lover of books. Before I could read, I forced my parents and siblings to read me anything and everything. When I could read for myself, I obsessively read street signs, advertisements, books, and newspapers. If it was printed, legible, and available, I wanted to read it. Finally, I became a little more discerning, but not by much. I love classic novels, histories, young adult fiction, and books that make me laugh. I also love books that are dark or make me think. My favorite book is a cliche, but it is still my favorite. Pride and Prejudice is quite possibly the most perfect book ever written. The characters intermingle so well, and I love the dialogue and the poetry of the words.

I am blessed with a patient husband who laughs at my book collection. We have boxes of books stashed in every available closet and shelf. Luckily, he just rolls his eyes and asks me where I want to store the latest of my collection. He knows that I can never part with my friends! I hope to teach my sons how to love reading and books. My older son is three, and he is obsessed with dinosaur books. We are currently reading the “How Does A Dinosaur….” series.  My younger son is not quite a year old, so his tastes are primarily focused on color words and shapes. I am amassing them a home library that should take them well into their teens.

I guess my primary goal is to become a school media specialist. I want to share reading with students who may not have the benefit of books at home. Books are becoming rare in some environments. We are all so focused on our cell phones, tablets, and computers. Don’t get me wrong, those are all valuable sources of information. I just want all children to know the smell and feel of real books. I want students to appreciate the words and the knowledge that books can bring. I think that books can introduce new worlds to kids who may not have the best home environment, and books may bring them some new hope.






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