HTML Is My New Nightmare


HTML is not for people with OCD. I am learning this with every new hand tagged item that I type. I can feel my eyes twitch with each tweak or forced edit.

My eyes say, “Oh, I think we should move this just a little to the left.” My brain screams,”Don’t touch it! If you touch it, we will have to retype 8 million codes to fix what you just fixed.” Unfortunately, my fingers listen to my eyes.

Since it is required in library science to take a course that includes HTML, I am attempting to do the work and still have some fun with it. My page currently looks like boho chic threw up a Moroccan tile. I guess it does resemble my style after all.

As for my information technology fluency, I don’t know if I am actually improving. I took an html course back in the dark ages of my undergraduate studies. I can honestly say, I don’t remember being so worried about it back then.Of course, my professor back then was a former hippie who would tell us about how he had missed Woodstock because of a flat tire somewhere in Virginia.  Although he taught the content, he was not too strict on the implementation. As long as we turned in the assignments, we were assured a decent grade in the course. Plus many of the bonus questions on exams featured songs from the 60’s which (thanks to my mother’s obsession with all things musical) I knew the answers.

Today, I feel a little more confident in my abilities, but I am still struggling. I keep hoping that a light bulb will go off and I will know exactly what I am doing. That has not happened. Hopefully, I will become a little more technologically advanced as the semester goes on and I will become more confident.





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  1. Alicia. Your post had me laughing so hard my daughter came running over to see what was going on. I’ve lived through that struggle of wanting to move that header just 1 pixel to the right but being afraid that nothing will work after. I love the colors and design of your blog. Makes me want to decorate my room like that and cozy up with a good book!


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