INFP Sounds Like A Bad 80’s Hair Band


I would like to start off by giving my unsolicited opinion about the Myers-Briggs personality test. I think it is mostly a bunch of hogwash. Let me explain. The idea that you can take individuals’ thoughts, personalities, ambitions, or spirits and put them into neat little mason jars on perfectly labeled shelves is impossible.The whole idea reminds me of a school lunchroom where people are divided into cool kids, goths, band geeks, nerds, freaks, and computer geniuses.  While I understand the basis and the science of the Myers-Briggs personality test, I don’t want to be labeled like a jar of peanut butter, pickles, or jam. I don’t think people are that easily summed up. Anyone (who has spent time with real people) knows that there are way more than 16 types of personalities floating around out in the world. For instance, where on the Myers-Briggs are the categories of sweetheart, angelic, narcissist, bat sh%$ crazy, and  annoying perfectionist?I am sure that one could argue that any of the “personality” labels could fit with each category, but that isn’t my point.

In addition to all of that, people’s personalities can change depending on what they are experiencing at the time. An example is that having been an INFJ for the majority of my life, I was surprised to find myself in the INFP category when I took the Myers-Briggs personality test for my library science class. I haven’t taken the test since I had my first son, and I am assuming that maternity has skewed my personality a little bit. (I know that being a mother has sent me off my rocker in many ways.)

I started reading the INFP description, and I agree that some of it does resemble my personality. I am definitely introverted. I would rather lick black mold off a plastic spoon than speak in front of a large crowd. I am introverted, but I love people. (How complex!) I have coined the term “intrasocial” to better explain myself to people. I avoid crowds and most large social situations, but I love talking to people and hearing about their experiences. I love the act of being social with people, but I prefer to be social in a more private way.

I agree that I am often idealistic, but I think that I mix in a hefty dose of realism. I believe that people are mostly good, but I think that life, experiences, and poor decisions can cause them to go astray. I  know that some people do not have your best interest at heart, and that there are people who take advantage of other people’s kindness. I believe these people are few, and most people are generally good.

Overall, I understand that knowing a little more of the psychology of “me” will benefit how I interact in a group setting. I know that, being introverted,  I will need to force myself to speak up and out more. I will need to be more practical. (Being practical sounds extremely dull…) I need to not take things personally, and I should see criticism as a chance to develop and grow.

I just wish all of this knowledge came with a really great power ballad for background music…..


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  1. As someone who lived through the 80s listening to mostly metal and hair bands your band comparison was funny, but also got me to thinking. While it’s not a power ballad, listen to “New Sensation,” by LMAO, no I mean, INXS. If I was staring at the same line too long, playing this song will make you want to move. Of course with one left foot, any dancing I do is in the privacy of my own home. The song is on my iPhone, between Guns and Roses and Jimi Hendrix. Glad to have you in our group.

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