The Continuing Saga of My IT Fluency


I decided that I would stay up extra late and put in some time learning UNIX. I have wandered into totally unfamiliar territory, and I keep hoping that the ground will resurface underneath me. My favorite hippie did not teach lessons on UNIX, and if he had I probably would have confused it with a band name. On the surface UNIX is not horribly complicated. However, I kept feeling like I was going to accidentally delete something and the world was going to implode. I felt like I was sneaking in someone’s back window or tp-ing the neighbor’s yard. I wondered if I was going to get caught and the FBI was going to bang in my door like an episode of cops.

The strangest part of all of these scenarios is that although they played out intensely in my mind, none of them happened.I am inclined to believe that my paranoid delusions are the result of no sleep, a sinus infection, and two sick children. The truth is that  I am just a lunatic and mostly technologically illiterate. Everything I was doing was completely legal, and I was only experimenting with my own files. I think what was making me so nervous was the knowledge of how long it took me to create the html document and how I would feel if I accidentally deleted it.

Overall, I still get nervous experimenting with certain aspects of technology. I want to stay in my safe little bubble where it is warm and filled with liquid stupidity. On a scholastic level I know that technology is a fabulous thing, I would be lost without the technology that I use everyday. I need Google, Netflix, Facebook, and my cell phone. However, new-to-me technology scares me. I am still waiting for my light bulb to shine, but I must have pulled a 25 watt bulb instead of a 60. I know it will get easier with time, but I am naturally resistant to change. Hopefully, the next assignment will be more palatable since I get to work with a group!



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  1. I had the same feeling dealing with Unix. What if I deleted something important? What if I really screwed something up? Why is that flashing like that–I put the prompt in wrong WHAT DID I JUST DO? Thankfully the answer to that question seemed to be nothing, but I felt unprepared for all of that power. While I’m growing more fluent in this class, I’m not sure if I’m growing more confident! Maybe that will come with time.

    After all, no one died this time. Parts of my website aren’t breaking off and flying away into cyberspace. Nothing has burst into flames and given me the dreaded blue screen of death. It will be interesting to see how we all feel at the end of this semester.

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  2. I love that you felt you were doing something illegal. I was afraid I would accidentally type in an incorrect code that is forbidden. I, also, was afraid that I would accidentally delete my website. I made certain not to play around with my public_html file. By the end of the assignment, I was more comfortable. Hopefully, we will be more comfortable with each new assignment. Nice job!

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  3. Your analogy was brilliant! I felt voyeuristic looking to see how many other people were signed into the system along with me, while I also felt disconcerted that they (whoever they were) could also see me in the system. But I appreciate the power of Unix to quickly locate information and, after practice, I felt like I was playing a computer game! I enjoyed reading your post!

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