Google It- My take on Google Forms


The past few weeks I have had the honor to work with a few of my fellow grad students on a project to determine the usability of a website. After completing multiple interviews, surveys, forms, and analyses, we are finally finished. Hooray!

One new technology that we were able to use was Google forms. I have used Google forms once or twice, but never as extensively as I did for this project. Before, I had mainly used it to set up food assignments for a work function or to take a poll for extra credit for my students. I really found the technology more useful this time, but it is so much easier when someone else is entering all the data and you just have to look at it.

For our usability project, each group member interviewed four people and entered the survey information into the Google form. We entered demographics on a separate Google form, and we were able to use that information to compile our information into a usable format for our report.  Overall, I would say that we were successful, but it was time consuming to make sure that each piece of information was submitted properly.

If you are doing a survey project, and you are interested in Google forms, I do recommend using the tool. It would probably be easier to use for surveys that did not need to be timed or done face-to-face. However, it was handy for our group when it came time for analysis. You have to take the good with the not so good.


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