IT Fluency Update…Lost count of what number


I have never really embraced technology the way that I see other people do. I can figure out how to do some things, but it isn’t really a priority for me. I mean, I still think of # as a number sign or a pound sign instead of a hashtag. I don’t need the latest gadget, and I don’t care if Apple is releasing a new iPhone. Most of the time, I don’t even know about the latest gadget or iPhone. Sometimes I think I was born to the wrong era. I should have been born in regency era England, where the newest technology was a flintlock and steam locomotives. I can fully appreciate a time period where there were no computers, cell phones, or cars filled with crappy drivers. Of course then I remember that people didn’t have the best hygiene, died from smallpox, and women had to wear dresses all the time. It pays to have been a history major so that I don’t romanticize the era too much. I am much better off in a world filled with overly prescribed antibiotics and jeans, even if I don’t always appreciate the influx of technology.

Over the course of this semester, I have gained  a new appreciation for people who know how to use technology. I haven’t let my husband help me much this semester. Mostly because I am stupid and very stubborn, but some of it was because I wanted to learn how to do things for myself. (Not to mention that his technological genius causes him to use terms that even Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t know.) However, I don’t really feel like I have gotten very far on my own. I have had to rely on YouTube videos and snippets of information that I Googled. I probably could have saved myself hours of research if I had just asked him.

The upside to this class has been working with my team members. We have struggled through difficult instructions, time constraints, and learning new technology. We worked well together, and I think that we were successful in completing the assignments with a little flair. For the database project, I really can’t say I enjoyed the assignment. I loved the people, but I hated the work. I am not much of a data-entry kind of gal. I did like the video production end of the assignment. I don’t think I will go wild and crazy with my new YouTube channel or anything, but I can see myself not being as reluctant to publishing a new video for school.

I don’t really feel that my fluency in technology has greatly increased. I still struggle with things that should be basic. For instance, I couldn’t get SQL to install properly on my computer. I couldn’t even try to do the extra credit because I couldn’t figure out how to get the software onto my computer. I stared at it for about 6 hours and finally decided that I don’t care if I know SQL. It may be awful, but I am just going to hope that whatever library that I work at, already has a database in place. I will just have to convince someone else to update it. Maybe I will come down with a faked case of smallpox every time it has to be updated.




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