LS 502 Beginning the Research Process


I honestly know very little about research and what makes up a solid research question. I am starting this list with ideas that interest me, and I am hoping to whittle it down into one solid research idea.

Possible Research Topics:

  • Bibliotherapy: I like this topic because I have often used books as a form of therapy. I have often turned to favorite books in times of depression, anxiety, or when I am on the brink of a panic attack. After my first son was born, I struggled with postpartum depression. Some days, the only way to stop my mind from focusing on the depression was to read books that I mentally associated with comfort, peace, and joy. My favorites became my lifeline to sanity, and I am very grateful that I was able to rely on those books as a means of helping me through that rough time.
  • Literacy rates in low income schools– When doing a project for another class, I discovered statistics for literacy in schools that were at or below poverty level. I was shocked by the numbers. I knew that a number of poorer, rural, and community schools were closing libraries due to funding, but I did not fully understand the impact that these closings would have on literacy and education.
  • Accelerated Reader Program– I am not a big fan of the accelerated reader program. My children are not old enough to have experienced the program, but I have seen my nieces struggle with meeting the set book quota. I am curious to see if the program has improved student achievement in reading, or if the students feel that the extra reading is a chore.

I realize that this list is not very long, but I am hoping that it is a good starting point. Over the next few days, I hope to scan a few articles and see which of these topics piques my interest the most.


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