Class Discussions-The Research Process


Tonight in class, we were discussing the steps of the research process.  The first step is to choose a general question. I have a general idea of what I want to research, but I am not sure how to word the question in a way that it the topic can be the basis of my research project. I want to know how bibliotherapy can be used in school libraries, and what benefits (if any) it would have on the students.

I have begun the process of researching articles about bibliotherapy in school aged children. I have only had time to read the abstracts of a few of the articles, but I am finding the topic to be interesting. During my undergraduate degree, I remember reading articles in my psychology class about art and music therapy. I found it fascinating that listening to Mozart could lessen depression in children and adults. I believe that bibliotherapy can be as beneficial to students as music or art therapy. I am hoping that researching this topic will give me a better understanding of whether or not it will be beneficial to implement a bibliotherapy program in school libraries.


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