Current Location: Lost (A Research Process Update)


Normally, I give myself a few days of adjustment to new classes and teachers before I allow myself to admit confusion. Now that we are a couple of weeks into class, I think that I can safely admit that I am lost. I am noticing that I am having trouble keeping up with due dates and time schedules. I am not sure where I am supposed to be in the research process, or if I am even supposed to be anywhere in the research process. I have a pretty broad topic that I am interested in researching, but I am not sure what I am exactly supposed to be doing with it. Am I supposed to start reading articles? Am I supposed to be coming up with a scientific hypothesis? My inner GPS for research methods is simply stating, “rerouting” over and over again, as my thoughts go around in circles.  I keep hearing the annoying monotone woman’s voice from the early car GPS systems telling me to make a U-turn at the next available intersection. I know that I am probably over thinking the whole situation, but I really need some direction.


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