Problem Statement:Houston, I have a problem


I started writing my problem statement tonight, and I am suffering from writer’s block. I know what I want to research. I know how I want to focus my research. Usually, the easiest part for me is the writing. Not this time. I have been staring at a blank piece of paper for over 2 hours. The worst part is, I know what I want to say, but I can’t figure out HOW to say it. I think part of my problem is the deadline aspect of the class. I am a natural procrastinator. Unfortunately, this class gives me no room to procrastinate. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but it is definitely something that I need to overcome.

Also, I have been researching my topic, and it has allowed me to narrow my focus. I know it is incredibly helpful to have a defined topic, but it has also made my brain zone out into the world of absolute nonsense. For some reason, my mind has always worked this way. My brain has decided to divide itself into two camps, the serious and the useless.  It’s almost as if the useless side of my brain gives itself permission to take unsanctioned hiatuses. One half of me is screaming, “We have to finish this.” The other half of me is saying, “I wonder what rabbit hole conspiracy theory I can read about today?” Or, now, I can go watch useless Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube. Or, better yet, I can stand in my living room and debate with my husband over whether or not Sandy and Danny were really dead in the movie Grease.

Hopefully, in the next few hours, my serious side will overtake my procrastination gene and I will be able to work on the project again.


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