Article Analysis (Concentration Issues)


I started writing my article analysis today, and I am not sure if I am doing it right. I am struggling so much this semester. I can’t seem to find my footing. I am having trouble concentrating.  I think part of my problem is not understanding expectations. My previous encounters with article analyses were not based from research articles. I was expected to write a criticism or point out fallacies. I am assuming that is what is expected here, but I may be mistaken. My current game plan is to follow the outlined questions, and I am going to attempt to have a decent flow. I have read through the article several times, but I can’t seem to concentrate. I know the other part of the problem is related to some issues that are going on outside of school, but I am trying to keep my head on straight and survive this semester. Hopefully, I will complete the assignment over the next few days, and I will be able to rest a little until the next big assignment is due.


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