Almost Finished…


I am nearly finished with my literature review. I had a nasty migraine yesterday, and it robbed me of an entire day’s worth of work. I had stayed up pretty late the night before at the UAH library, and finished off everything but the conclusion. I have been steadily working on this for the past few weeks, but the work seems to move at an incredibly slow pace. Every sentence written is a debate. Is this necessary? Does this article benefit my research? Why is there not more research showing the benefits of  bibliotherapy on bullying? I think that the biggest surprise to me is the lack of research on bibliotherapy and bullying. I have been piecing materials together in order to have a cohesive paper. There is mountains of research on bibliotherapy, but bullying is rarely the main focus of the research.

You would think that with bullying being such a hot topic right now that the amount of research would be astronomical, but it isn’t. I wonder if in the next few years we will start to see more and more of the research emerge on this topic.


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