My group was assigned to create a survey based on a topic that is important to LIS. I really enjoyed this project because it allowed us to use some of the skills we have learned in class. I have made surveys for other classes, but this one was made a little easier since we were working with our discussion group. My discussion group works well together, and we had an easy time of creating the questionnaire.

I was really a little surprised at some of the results of the survey. I was amazed at how many suggestions we received about future programs in the library. Everyone used the open-ended question to give us imput on what type of program that they would be interested in having at their library. I was also surprised that an overwhelming majority of people came to library only to get books to read. None reported wanting to participate in programs or use the computer.

Overall, I think surveys would be one way that libraries could get feedback and suggestions from their patrons. Since libraries are there to serve their public, I think it would be good to know exactly what their patrons would need or want.


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