Methodology and Data Analysis


I started working on my methodology paper tonight, and I feel a little more confident about writing it than I did previous papers. It isn’t that I understand the framework any more clearly than other assignments, it is mainly that the methodology is mostly a form of creative writing for research that I am not conducting. Since I will not actively be completing the research, it doesn’t have to be as exact.

I have looked over the examples, and they seem pretty straight forward. My goal is to stick to the guidelines and follow the examples as closely as possible. I am wondering how many definitions I will need to include because the terminology is straightforward. Do I need to assume that my readers know nothing, or do I assume that they are researchers familiar with the topic?

Additionally, I am thinking of good data collection methods. Do I have the teachers collect the information from the kids in order to keep the researchers completely unbiased? Or do I have the researchers complete a physical interview with each student? I may only write the methodology tonight and focus on data analysis this weekend.


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