Data Collection and Analysis


Last night I finished writing the “sample” portion of my methodology paper. I am pretty sure it is terrible. At this point, I have no idea what I wrote or even how much of it made sense. I will re-read it tonight and see if it is as terrible as I remember it being. If it is, I will fix it and move on my merry little way to the data collection and analysis portion of the paper. I have been researching the best methods for data analysis of interviews. I think I have a good idea of where to start, but I just need the time to get it all down on paper. I am struggling against time. The UAH library closes early on weekends, and the downtown library closes at nine. Since my kiddos aren’t in bed before eight, neither option works for me. When I am at home, I am easily distracted by all of things that I did not get done during the day. (Like watching my YouTube subscriptions or cleaning my bathtub) However, I am going to have to power through my distractions and work from home this weekend.


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