Finishing Up Methodology Paper


Last night I finished my methodology paper, and I am glad to see it done. I have proofread it, and I need to hit submit. Once I have finished that, I can take a day to reboot before I need to look at the conference proposal. I noticed that our proposal is not supposed to be longer than 2000 words. I suppose I have a bunch of editing and rewording to do in order to break down all that I have written. I have no idea how long all of my papers would be if I just stuck them together, but I am pretty sure it would be WAY over 2000 words. Plus, no one would want to read it because I have repeated myself a million times and they are individual papers. Anyway, I am going to play like Scarlett O’Hara and worry about that tomorrow, because right now I am going to zombie out and read in my bathtub.


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