Conference Papers and Cheating?


I was re-reading the syllabus today, and I was wondering if all conferences have such precise requirements? I wasn’t really surprised by the word limitations, font size, or margins, but I was surprised by the name being on a separate page. Is this so that no one will get preferential treatment? I think if you really wanted to be a cheat, you could mention to one of the judges the title or content of your paper. They wouldn’t have to see the writers’ names or affiliation to know it was yours then. I guess I am just wondering why they would not want to know the authors or affiliation. My ignorance probably shows regarding conferences in general just by asking that question.

Honestly, I don’t know very much about conferences or conference proposals. I have attended a few conferences, but they were more educational based than research. Ideally, I think those would be one and the same, but it doesn’t seem as if they are. For instance, at the AASL conference, most of the break out groups and meetings were about how to do STEM or makerspaces. Or is this not the same type of conference as a research based conference? I am just a little confused.


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  1. You ask some really good questions. I have only been to one user group conference for CONTENTdm and those sessions were all very practical as well. I am not sure I would even enjoy a research conference.

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