Conference Proposal Writing Process


I started piecing together a rough draft of my conference proposal. I think that there are parts of this paper that can be simply cut and pasted. For instance, my problem statement is pretty well written and it is a decent length. I can shorten it if needed, but I think that it will be okay. As for the description of audience, I think that can be a relatively short paragraph explaining how the research will benefit teachers, administrators, librarians, and school counselors.  I think the toughest part will be editing the literature review into something that is usable. I dread that section. I may save that section for last so that I can focus on it a little more. I hope to finish the paper before Thanksgiving so that I can relax a little with my family. I know we have another assignment due before the end of the semester, and I need to think about when to fit that into my schedule.


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