Cutting it to bits


I spent a major part of today ripping apart the work of the past few weeks. In a way, this is a little depressing. I was really stressed while writing each of these papers, and now I am tearing them apart to create something new. I think I am making process on editing, and I now only have the literature review section remaining. The literature review is going to be my toughest obstacle. I am going to have to shrink it all down substantially. I wonder if I have to use all of my articles or if I can use only a few? I had two articles that were significantly better than others.  I am hoping that I can focus on those rather than summarizing a twelve-page paper.

Overall, I think that this paper has been easier to write than I initially thought it would be. I am hoping to finish it before the weekend is over so that I can focus on the discussion post this next week. I haven’t even had a chance to look at that assignment since my focus has been zeroed in on this conference proposal. Only 2 weeks remain in this semester, and I am so tired. I will be excited to see it over and done!


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