It’s Done (sort of)


I have cut the paper down to where I am actually ONE word under the maximum. I wasn’t sure if subtitles counted towards the word count, but I assumed that they did. I did subtract the citations, title, name, and associations from my total. I hope that the paper makes sense because towards the end I was being pretty ruthless. I will read through it tomorrow, and if it sounds okay, I will turn it in. I am a little nervous because I wasn’t able to add but one assumption and four of my definitions from my methodology. I simply didn’t have the space. If I am counted off for that, I will just deal with the repercussions¬†because something had to go. (Otherwise, my paper would have been 10,000 words and 20 some odd pages long.) So, if all goes well, I will be one assignment down tomorrow. I will only have the discussion board left to finish!


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