Funding and Dissemination


Before this class, I never considered the process of funding or dissemination. When I started looking at funding, I assumed that there would be tons of options, but it seems as if the majority of funders want to put their money into what they want to see funded. It is not a crazy request. If I were giving money for research, I would like to have a say in what was being researched. I guess I never thought about HOW specific some of the funders could be. I did end up finding a few government and conference funds that would help my research project.

As for dissemination, I am not much for speaking in public forums. I am a teacher, and I don’t mind talking to students. However, if you put me in a crowd of adults, I can not talk. My brain goes mushy and I start saying the most asinine things. That being said, for my topic, a conference would probably be the best place to present my research. By doing a conference, I know that my paper will be heard by people who are interested in the topic.


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